Signs of election season

Fall is here and so too is election season. It is not just the change in weather or the kids being back in school that give it away, but the emergence of campaign signs in the right of way within the city limits.

Several years ago City Council adopted an ordinance to make it illegal to place signs in the right of way, but allowed for them to be placed on private property. I enthusiastically endorsed and voted for this. I did so as I saw the plethora of signs clustered around trees and street signs and utility equipment as sign pollution and a distraction to motorists. I felt that way then and still feel that way now.

This is why you will not see a Kellogg for City Council sign in the median or at the corner or standing next to a utility pole or street sign. I have designated my campaign signs for private property only and they will be placed as such.

I cast no judgment on anyone who takes advantage of the election reprieve for the sign ordinance and places them next to our roads and streets. I need to follow my convictions and this letter explains why.

So when you travel down the street and see all the signs clustered in the right of way, my campaign sign will be absent, but you will see them on the yards and in the windows of supporters. After all, I am seeking your endorsement not a tree or a street sign. You are my focus and your endorsement is the one I am focused on.

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