An honest, reliable leader who'll always fight for us.

Using common sense solutions, Robert will never stop fight for what matters most to us - better funding for schools, access to affordable healthcare, and more high paying jobs.


Robert Kellogg believes government should take as little as possible from the people and being better stewards of what it does take.


Robert Kellogg supports legislation that'll renovate our schools, increase teacher funding, and ensure our children are safe.


Robert supports legislation that invests in a diverse portfolio, combining traditional sources with clean renewables.


Robert Kellogg believes everyone has the right to safe, clean water and air and he'll support laws aimed at protecting that right.


Today, too many are struggling to afford basic medical care because of soaring costs. In Raleigh, Robert won't stop fighting until it's fixed.


Robert Kellogg opposes toll roads. He supports updating and expanding Gaston County's roads and bridges so they're once again safe.


Robert believes we all deserve a fair shot at the American dream and he'll fight to create better, high paying jobs for our hardworking people like us.


Robert Kellogg supports our Second Amendment rights and favors common sense policies that'll protect our schools and neighborhoods.

"With your support, we'll get Gaston County moving in the right direction."

-Councilman Robert Kellogg
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